We care about you and want to help you improve your health and well-being  so you have a great quality of life!

Thus we take an integrative approach where we advise you on actions to take as well as suitable medications, herbs or supplements to maximise your chances of long term success. We do this through our 3 main forms of consultations, they are:

Mini- Consultation (10 minutes) This is a generalist service which enables us to support you in the timely management of a wide range of minor illnesses ranging from aches & pains to minor infections and various female or male related health issues. The service can also be used if you have a specific medication, supplement or herb related query.

Get convenient, easy, quick and affordable access to expert health advice by booking a 10 minute consultation with us.

Price: £12.50 per consultation (redeemable against any purchases from us)

*Travel and Smoking
consultations also fall under this category for booking purposes.

Integrative Well-being Consultations (1hr) The absence of illness doesn't always equate to wellness, as a long term disease is often preceded by a period of slow decline in health. Thus, regardless of if you have just been diagnosed with a long term condition or have an established long term condition now is the time to start a personalized health programme. One size never fits all so, let us support you in developing a personal health plan with SMART related health goals to improve your health and maximise your quality of life. Our Integrative Well-being Consultation is holistic, integrative and functional in that we do a full assessment of your general health & well-being, diet and any medications and supplements you take. We then put this into context with your past and family medical history to help you develop a bespoke health plan with recommendations on herbs, supplements and adjustments to your current medication regime where necessary. As part of the service we also offer two free 15-minute follow up consultations (via phone, email or SMS. Charges may be incurred where longer or additional consultations are required.

Weight Loss Consultations (1hr) Do you struggle to lose or maintain a healthy weight even when you try to improve your diet and exercise routine? If your answer is yes, then our weight loss consultation is made for you. We take a holistic approach to helping you manage your weight; Our approach involves identifying your triggers and bespoke solutions through SMART related health goals to maximise your success.

We will also prescribe medication where appropriate or recommend supplements that can be used to support your efforts. In some cases we may do both...its all about what will work best for you as an individual.  Unlike most weight programs, our ultimate goal isn’t just to help you lose weight, it is also geared towards helping you keep it off in the long term!

*Refer to our Women's and Men's Health pages for more information around our weight loss service.

*Group Consultations: We offer low cost consultations in the form of small groups to charities and business organisations looking for cost- effective ways to improve the health and well-being of their beneficiaries and clients.

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