Smoking Cessation

40% of smokers will die from a smoking related disease and smoking cessation can be extremely difficult due to the biological and psychological addiction to nicotine and the routine involved with smoking. This is the reason why the evidence shows you are much more likely to quit smoking with the support of a healthcare professional than otherwise.
We know our support is as important as any medication you take to give up smoking. Thats why we offer our follow up support for free alongside your course of the prescription only medicine called Champix® to maximise your success in quitting and to help you live a smoke free and healthier life.


Champix® (varenicline): Is a nicotine free medication that stimulates nicotinic receptors in the brain. This relieves the craving and withdrawal symptoms you can get when you stop smoking.It also helps prevent nicotine from attaching to the receptors in the first place, so if you do relapse and have a cigarette, the nicotine you inhale will be less enjoyable.

The treatment course is usually for 12 weeks, but may be extended in certain scenarios. Before commencing treatment you will need to set a quit date and start Champix
® 1- 2 weeks before this date. You may find it helpful to take up a new hobby or make plans for when you finish the 12 week course. Consider telling your friends, colleagues and family that you're trying to quit so they can offer support by not smoking around you. You may also need to find other ways to take breaks or socialise like going for walks.

The course will involve taking 0.5mg and 1mg tablets.

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