We offer a full travel consultation service where we provide you with expert and individualised advise on how to prevent yourself from getting a disease while abroad.
Vaccinations These prevent you from getting ill when exposed to diseases we don’t usually encounter in the UK. Through our consultation, we can work out which ones will be appropriate for you.

Please bear in mind that some travel vaccinations may be needed several weeks before departure to be effective at your destination. We advise you consult with us at least 6- 8 weeks before travelling, but we may still be able to help if you’re leaving sooner.
Antimalarials We offer a range of antimalarials of which a selection can be made and sent to you after your travel consultation with us.

These would include one of the following:
  1. Mefloquine, commonly referred to as Lariam® (prescription only)
  2. Malarone® (Atovaquone/ Proguanil- available over the counter) or
  3. Doxycycline (prescription only)
They all need to be taken for a specified period before travelling, so be sure to book your travel consultation a few weeks before departure.

Doxycycline: This prevents the malaria parasite from reproducing and kills in the process. Protection only starts 1-2 days after taking medication, hence the need to start treatment before travelling to ensure you are protected on arrival at your destination. Doxycycline provides 90-100% protection when used in conjunction with other measures. (Price: £0.00)

Lariam® (Mefloquine 250mg): Lariam interferes with the growth of the malaria parasites in the red blood cells. For it to be effective at the destination, you must start taking it at least 10 days before you depart. Usually the 2nd dose is taken 7 days after the first and 3 days before departure. It is best taken with food  and adequate water (on the same day each week) in order to prevent any stomach upset. As with other antimalarials, protection isn't guaranteed and  other bite prevention measures must be taken alongside it. It is suitable for both adults and young children. (Price: £0.00)

Atovaquone 250mg/ Proguanil 100mg: This is available without prescription. It should be started 1-2 days before entering the malaria endemic area and used daily whilst there, and for 7 days after your return to a malaria free area (it takes up to 7 days to kill the malarial parasite after being bitten. It should be taken with a fat containing meal or a milky drink. (Price: £0.00)

Book a Travel Consultation: £12.50 (redeemable against travel related purchases)

Travel Precautions and Other Medicines We can also advise on a range of actions that can help minimise your risks of contracting a disease when travelling. In addition, we can recommend or issue prescriptions for other medicines that may be necessary for you when travelling e.g. acetazolamide for altitude sickness or other medicines for acute illnesses that may occur when you travel.

Price of Travel Consultation: £12.50 (redeemable against travel related purchases)

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