Women’s Health

We offer a range of options i.e. medications, supplements and services for several routine health conditions that often affect women. The key ones include- Bacterial Vaginosis, Period Delay, FibroidsCystitis, Thrush, Weight Loss and Emergency Contraception. Contact us for advice and treatment recommendations for any of these or other female related health needs.
Period Delay There are times when having your period is annoying, especially during romantic get aways or special engagements. At such times delaying it for a short while is worth considering. We offer access to the prescription only medicine- Utovlan (Norethisterone 5mg) for this. This will postpone your period for as long as you take it and 2-3 days after stopping it.

There are other ways to delay your period, and if norethisterone is not the best option for you we can advice you otherwise or signpost you elsewhere.
Norethisterone is a synthetic version of progesterone, a natural hormone in your body which when present in high levels helps to maintain your womb lining. This prevents menstruation, hence period delay. 

To use it effectively you must be able to predict when your period is due and start taking it 3 days before your due date and continue for the delay period (maximum of 17 days). 

If you are already on the combined oral contraceptive pill, then delay your period by omitting the 7 day pill free break or use of inactive pills (do not take norethisterone).

Fibroids These are non- cancerous tumours that frequently occur in women aged 30 to 50. they are more common in black women with 60% of them getting them by age 35.

They cause frustrating symptoms such as pelvic pain, abdominal cramps, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, anaemia, an extended tummy (making one look pregnant), fertility issues and low back pain. Symptoms often precede diagnosis. Fortunately, many of the symptoms can be managed with products we stock- hormones, pain killers and/ or Tranexamic acid.

As well as helping you to manage the symptoms, we also have a range of natural remedies that may also help minimise the occurence of fibroid symptoms, thus improving your quality of life.
Tranexamic Acid is commonly used for heavy bleeding in women, such as occurs with fibroids and heavy periods (menorrhagia). It prevents blood clots from being broken down, leading to a reduction in bleeding. It can be taken intermittently depending on symptoms.

You may not need a prescription for it, but will be required to undergo a short consultation with the pharmacist to check suitability before purchasing.

Morning After Pill (Emergency Hormonal Contraception) The morning after pill can be taken after unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI) to avoid pregnancy. There are two types available in the UK without a prescription. Levonorgestrel (Levonelle® one- step) and EllaOne®:
Levonorgestrel (Levonelle®):
  • Licensed for use within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse (UPSI)

  • Can be used within 120 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse
  • Trials showed superiority over Levonelle after 72 hours

In reality, both pills should be taken as soon as possible after UPSI and although it should only be used occasionally, it may be worth having some spare in your ‘medicine cabinet’ for ‘accidents’.

You do not need a prescription for either, but will be required to undergo a short consultation with the pharmacist to check suitability before issuing.
Bacterial Vaginosis A common ailment in women. It occurs as a result of an imbalance of vaginal bacteria. Accompanying symptoms include white/ grey fish smelly vaginal discharge with no itching or soreness.

Although not a sexually transmitted infection, the chances of acquiring it increase with sexual activity. It can’t be passed to a male sexual partner, but can be passed on to a female partner. The risks of getting it increase with bubble baths, scented soaps, and vaginal deodorants.

If you think you have this or have had it prior and would like advice or a prescription only medicine to treat it book a Mini- Consultation with us.
Cystitis Often referred to as a water or urinary infection. It can cause inflammation in the bladder and common symptoms include discomfort and pain when passing urine as well as the need to go more frequently. Mild cases may self resolve by simple measures such as drinking more water, refraining from sex, avoiding alcohol and acidic drinks such as fruit juices, trying over the counter products such as sodium bicarbonate and pottassium citrate. Where such measures are ineffective and symptoms are persistent then antibiotics are indicated. .

If you feel this is the case with you, then book a Mini- Consultation with us for advice on treatment options.
Thrush Thrush is a yeast infection which commonly causes itching, swelling and irritation of the vagina. It may also be associated with vaginal discharge and is an uncomfortable but relatively harmless infection that is easy to treat. Treatment is available in a variety of forms, including a capsule that is taken orally and a pessary, which is inserted into the vagina. Thrush treatment is also available as a cream. This is applied to the external area of the vagina, and helps reduce itching and soreness.

Treatment is effective for majority of women, and symptoms often resolve within a few days. We provide a range of options for thrush, which you can order online through our pharmacy shop, alternatively you can book a Mini- Consultation if you are unsure if you have thrush or what treatment to use.
Weight Loss Maintaining a healthy weight is crucial for optimal health, but is sometimes extremely challenging to do with just will power. Thus, we offer two clinically proven medications that can help make the process of weight loss much easier and effective. These include:

Orlistat: This absorbs fats in your digestive system and excretes it from the body. When taken in combination with regular exercise and a healthy diet, weight losses of up to 10% can be seen within a year. 

Saxenda: This reduces hunger & food intake by increasing feelings of fullness and satiety. It is fast acting with noticeable differences seen within weeks of starting therapy, amongst all races.

Maximise your chances of losing weight by booking a Weight Loss Consultation where we will identify possible causes of your weight gain and offer solutions which may include Orlistat, Saxenda or a range of natural alternatives to help you lose & sustain weight loss.
Orlistat is a clinically proven weight loss medication designed to decrease the absorption of fat from your diet. It is indicated in people with a BMI over 30 or 28 (if additional risk factors are present).
Available over the counter in the lower strength, the prescription only version i.e. 120mg reduces fat absorbed by just over a third with trials showing losses of about 5% of body weight over 12 weeks of treatments, and up to 10% over a year- twice as much weight loss as someone aiming to lose weight using diet alone.

Saxenda is a prescription only injection which is also clinically proven to promote weight loss. It is equally effective across all races including black people where other interventions show a slower decline in weight loss. It is fast acting with noticeable differences often seen within weeks of starting treatment.
 It reduces hunger and food intake by increasing feelings of fullness and satiety.

*Maximal effect of either drug is seen when taken under supervision as part of a weight loss programme

Contact us for further advise on a suitable option for you.

Price: £200